• Conwood, Conwood Pacifica luggage SuperSet S+S vibrant yellow Żółty, male, rozmiary: One size

Conwood, Conwood Pacifica luggage SuperSet S+S vibrant yellow Żółty, male, rozmiary: One size

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This IS A Super WAY TO Travel Like A PRO With Matching Luggage, AND Save Some Money Along THE WAY!More and more travellers are discovering the benefits of matching luggage. It looks and feels great to travel with matching cases. Beyond that, it becomes easier to use the cases as they follow one standard, and last but not least, we pass on some great savings to you when you purchase a set of twins. Please check out the other benefits of our Pacifica range here below. If you think you may be in need of more than one case, our Super Set combos are a great way to get more out of your luggage kit while saving some money and some space! When we created Pacifica, we imagined something could give our travellers and we ourselves a feeling of balance and peace through exceptional security, but also a glowing energy and power through color, shape and detailing. Conwood Pacifica really powers us on in that direction. It is a hard-working, elegant case with a beautiful, flowing design that also adds significantly to its strength and impact resistance. Pacifica's shape with its pronounced vertical sections that act as reinforcing muscles is uniquely shock-resistant, but also great looking. Its dual surface structure also helps to guard against surface wear and tear while highlighting the color and design of the case. Maneuverability is made easy by the Conwood-Select 8-trac™ wheel system. The warranty package is one of the best in the world through our exclusive 7-year Safe Guard™ Warranty on the shell. The fully integrated TSA-approved lock is standard for additional security, but also smoother transitions and transfers where the TSA operates for added airport security. PACIFICA KEY Features & Benefits:• Elasto Mite™ polypropylene shell. This shell is elastic, shock-resistant, and point-reinforced. Let’s just say super-strong! It also sports a specially designed, dual-structure surface for great looks and extra wear protection. • Conwood-Select 8-trac™ wheel system for low weight, super-maneuverability, easy rolling, and great durability. • Cabin Ready™. No additional cabin pressure here. We have made sure that the Pacifica cabin case is pre-checked and suitable for airline flight with all major airlines as well as most low-cost carriers.• Integrated TSA and Travel Sentry® accepted, high quality, combination dial lock. Read more about TSA accepted locks, and the Travel Sentry® system at • Fully lined, luxury interior equipped with integrated divider and pockets in the lid, and packing straps in the base. Basically, everything you need for a nice, cozy environment for your belongings. • Are you looking for more? Great! This product is equipped with Conwood's Space+™ expander system (sizes M and L) which means that the case will expand in depth up to 35mm at your will, in a zip! This is great when you just need to loosen up, or would like to grab some extra gear during your journey. • 7-year Safe Guard™ Warranty on the shell. This is an exceptional warranty and provides you with exceptional protection. Our Safe Guard™ shell warranty covers shell breakage during the first seven years from the date of purchase regardless of the cause*, and even covers damage caused by third-party handling. Please refer to for further details on this exceptional and authentic warranty. Dimensions: 55 x 39 x 20 cm / 66 x 46 x 25 cm / 76 x 52 x 29 cm. Weight: 2,5 kg / 3,5 kg / 4,5 kg. Volume: 34 L /60 L / 93 L.Material: Polypropylene. Style: Pacifica.

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